Friday, 18 September 2015

Budget Bases!?

As a College student, I find that many bloggers do not have the same meaning of "budget" as me. I mean of course we would all LOVE to think that £9.99 is typical drugstore makeup prices but that is actually quite expensive in my budget. I thought I would make a post on my every
day budget makeup base look. This is basically my foundation and concealer routine.

To start with I ensure my face is makeup free by carrying out my morning cleansing routine (post to come.)

After this I start, I like to use the Nivea Hydration Express Primer. I take a few small blobs of this and blend all over.
Nivea Hydration Express Primer
£4,99 from Superdrug

The next step I like to use the Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On. I usually only apply this in the mornings as it can help reduce puffiness that I get first thing.
Simple Kind To Eyes
£2.45 from Superdrug
Then I start the makeup! To prep under my eyes I take my MUA ProBase prime and conceal in yellow. I believe the idea behind this is that the yellow tones in the product cancel out the purple tones in the bags under your eyes, as yellow and purple are opposites in the colour wheel. 
MUA Probase - Yellow
£2.00 from MUA
The next step is foundation!! I am currently using the Seventeen Stay Time foundation in the shade Soft Ivory. This foundation has actually replaced the MAC Studio Fluid I was previously hooked on. I have found that for my college hours I prefer a full coverage just to hide any blemishes or redness I have. This foundation has the best coverage I have ever seen on a foundation. This bottle says up to 25 hours which is unrealistic but i would say this foundation does last me a full day in college but I would definitely not recommend that anyone wears foundation for 25 hours. EVER.
Seventeen Stay Time Foundation
£4.99 from Boots
The Final step for my base makeup is to conceal. I prefer to apply concealer after I apply my foundation as I like to blend my foundation in a lot using my brushes and sponges. I feel as if applying it before just wipes it out of place after you have blended the foundation. Anyway for my budget concealer I like to use the MUA Cover and Conceal liquid concealer in Fair. The concealer itself is pretty basic. It is very moisturising and has really good coverage. The packaging is pretty standard for the products type. I usually switch between the MUA Cover and Conceal and the Natural Collection Concealer. Both of the products are very similar in price, product and packaging therefore I do not have a preference for either, just whichever one I grab out of the pot first!
MUA Cover and Conceal Liquid Concealer
Total Cost : £15.93

And so that's it! This routine changes every so often so I will follow with an updated when I change it. Thank you for reading, Any suggestions for blogs feel free to leave them in the comments. Don't forget to follow me for updates! 

Stay beautiful!;)

Secret blogger xoxo